Public Leadership Package 

The following training components and tangible tools are included in each Public Leadership Package

  • Personal Mission Statement
  • Campaign Message (Issue Campaign or Electoral Campaign)
  • Op-Ed
  • Talking Points
  • Public Speaking
  • On-Camera Coaching
  • Video Segment featuring Candidate’s Campaign Pitch
  • Professional Head Shot (2 images, 1 pose, includes web/print version)


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The power of our Media Packages lies in our ability to produce practical tools that participants can immediately put to use.   We Train.  We Produce.  And, We Win. 


WPM specializes in designing and delivering high impact small group trainings.    Most WPM trainings are designed to fit into a 1-3 hour presentation for conferences or a 1-2 full day format for small group trainings

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No 2 trainings are alike.  All packages are custom-tailored to meet each client’s specific needs.