Women are the world’s greatest natural resource.  Today, women are leading in every corner of society.  In government, business, media, entertainment, sports, education, arts… and the list goes on…

Women Politics Media, LLC was created to invest and capitalize on the talents of women on their pathway to leadership.


Our winning 3-tiered core curriculum encompasses personal empowerment, leadership development and professional communications training.


WOMEN     Women-Owned     Women-Led      Women Training Women & Men  

WPM invests in women leaders, experts, trainers, producers, production assistants and photographers to design and deliver our trainings


POLITICS     No matter what industry you work in, POLITICS exist. Weather you are a student, an elected official, a nonprofit leader or a small business owner, we all have to navigate the world of politics on some level.

POLITICS Defined: A culture or environment in which individuals or groups leverage their relationships to achieve their goals.

WPM’s training expertise in POLITICS include:  


  • How to navigate the politics in your organization and on the Hill
  • How to leverage your relationships to achieve desired goals
  • How to rise above the meaningless politics to achieve meaningful outcomes  


MEDIA     The media has become the playing field for politics and business in the 21st century.  The media is extremely powerful.  It has the power to market, buy, sell, trade and exchange goods and services; connect people, organizations and ideas — and even go as far as playing an integral role in electing our political leaders.  SMART leaders invest in learning how to use the media as an effective tool to share, promote and garner support for their businesses and the issues that they care about most

WPM’s training expertise in MEDIA include:

  • How to use the media as a vehicle to impact public policy
  • How to define, brand and pitch yourself and your organization in the media
  • How to grow your network, maximize your impact and capitalize on your value through traditional and social media